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Andy Hunter:
Has just come out of retirement.

Some info and videos on Djibril Cisse... Player Profile page:

Liverpool Wiki page:

Wikipedia page:

'Djibril Cissť's 24 goals for Liverpool FC':-

'Djibril Cissť's 24 Goals for Liverpool':-

^ or click here to watch -

'Djibril Cisse - All 24 Goals Liverpool FC':-

'Djibril Cisse The Best 10 goals Liverpool FC':-

'Djibril Cissť's five best goals in red!':-

'Djibril Cisse Best Goals':-

Cisse goal vs Everton in 2005:- &


Cisse's penalty in the 2005 Champions League Final:-

'Liverpool vs CSKA Moscow 3-1 Highlights & Goals - Super Cup Final 2005':-

'Liverpool v West Ham (2005/6 FA Cup Final)':-

'Cisse's goal in the 2006 FA Cup Final':-

'Liverpool v Chelsea - 2006 Community Shield)':-

^ or click here to watch -

'Thank you This Is Anfield ! I missed you ! Liverpool FC #youllneverwalkalone' in 2018:-

Cisse goal for the Liverpool Legends vs Milan Glorie in 2019:-

best goals djibril cissť aj Auxerre:-

'Djibril Cissť All Goals Marseille':-

Djibril Cissť's 11 Goals for Sunderland:-

^ or click here to watch -

'Djibril Cisse - All 55 goals for Panathinaikos':-

'Djibril CissŤ - All goals for Lazio (2011-2012)':-

'Djibril Cissť - All 6 goals SC Bastia':-

^ or click here to watch -

'Djibril Cissť | All 9 Goals for France':-

Some articles on Djibril Cisse...

Djibril Cissť in profile:

Cissť becomes Lord of the Manor of Frodsham:

How Liverpool striker Djibril Cissť became Frodsham's Lord of the Manor:

Djibril Cisse '30 minutes' away from having foot amputated (1st leg break):

The severity of Cisse's injury:

Djibril can win his battle:

Cissť's amazing recovery:

Cissť off the bench to inspire victory - vs Villa in 2005 :

Cisse back on target:

Happier Cisse now chasing 20 goals:

Cissť out for France after breaking leg in friendly (2nd leg break):

Football's greatest individual comebacks - Djibril Cisse:

Djibril Cisse interview | Why Istanbul 2005 was destiny for Liverpool:

Djibril Cisse: I felt no pressure on Istanbul penalty:

"I actually found Istanbul a lot of fun, rather than feeling the pressure!":

Djibril Cisse shares truth around Liverpool exit and regrets:

Djibril Cisse: A wonderful striker denied Liverpool greatness by injury:

Cisse - 19 goals from the wing in his 2nd season at Liverpool (2005/06):

Cisse announces retirement from football (2015):

Ex-Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse retires from football (2017):

Ex-Liverpool striker wants to come out of retirement to reach 100 Ligue 1 goals:

Djibril Cisse player profile info at Transfermarkt:


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Keith Lard:
Quality player for us on his day. I always remember some of his crispy long range goals.

God save the Lord of Frodsham.

Stockholm Syndrome:
Absolutely loved Cisse, but I actually can't remember if he was particularly good or not - when he played for us I was of an age that I don't really fully understand what good football meant, or if a team was playing well or not in a match beyond the scoreline  ;D

jack witham:
I was on holiday in Kos in August and Lord Frodsham was doing a DJ set in one of the local bars.

Did not go myself but spoke to people who went and he was on fine form.


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