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Bob Paisley's Swansong - the 1982-83 season

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Sweet Silver Song:
Fantastic read. I, too, was too young for Shanks, so Uncle Bob plays that role for me. The guy was simply a genius. He epitomised everything good about the game, and his character of being quite, unassuming, but at the same time calculating and ruthless, reflected ideals I respected and wanted to emulate.  Everyone talks about Smokin Joe in the same light. After Joe had won the treble in his first season. But, it was BOB's team. There was also a single decision which showed the gulf in class, between the two. I'm not kncoking Joe Fagin here, as I love the guy and think he was fantastic for our club, but this just shows how much Bob should be valued. After Souness left, it took Joe 10 different players to play in his position to try and replace him. We ended up the next season potless. Along comes Kenny, and his kind advisor Bob, who suggests that Stevie McMahon is bought. Problem solved with one decison, and a double is won. 

SSS- you'll enjoy this excellent piece about Fagan from JMarsh-,51051.0.html

bloody hell all the memories came flooding back then, you done the great sir bob a fine tribute and it was excellent,
 brilliant read

reddez   :wave  ;D

Sweet Silver Song:

--- Quote from: Mudface_ on January 28, 2005, 06:43:27 pm ---SSS- you'll enjoy this excellent piece about Fagan from JMarsh-,51051.0.html

--- End quote ---

Thanks for that Mudface, again another execellent read. We have to be greatful to Joe for finding players like Molby and the way he managed to continue the ship after Uncle Bob retired. But for me, Uncle Bob will always be the greatest manager I have seen, since following football. 

The Charlatan:
nice one mate... enjoyed reading that!!

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