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Liverpool vs Crystal Palace (Premier League) - 20:00, Monday 15th August

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Mister Flip Flop:
Paul Tierney getting the the game is a disgrace. The most corrupt official in the league.

this was posted in injury thread but I think is more appropriate here.

[Quote from: gray19lfc on Yesterday at 08:59:53 pm
Wonder if we go 4-2-3-1 with so many of the midfielders out?

2 from Fab, Hendo, Milner and Naby

Diaz and Salah, plus Bobby or Carvalho behind Nunez][/i]

my reply (sorry about edit skills.

That would be my shout - why not give it a try against Palace. Having Bobby and Nunez and then Carvalho to come on.
I would add Elliot to the mix in Midfield 2 as well. First as sub or in League cup match

Brain Potter:
Iím actually glad we arenít playing Saturday afternoon with temperatures at 3 pm forecast to be 31 degrees. It will be a struggle for teams playing then. Monday evening is forecast much cooler.

Nice one Jack, Palace were impressive at times last season considering what Vieira had to work with after Roy left. I would have preferred to play them last week, they started so slow against Arsenal. I'm sure they've had a hard week of graft and will be ready for us, they will be dangerous. Eze looks a great player although he had a bad injury I think didn't he?
We need to Keep the ball, be patient and get an early goal  ;D

Ghost Town:
What? Another owl pellet? That's two in a row.


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