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How many points do you expect in the next 5 games? 2022/2023 Edition

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Right, this has sort of become a tradition so here we go, onwards and upwards. Remember it's in blocks of 5. Maybe we can do a block of 8 games for the end of the season

Fulham (A) - 3
Palace (H) - 3
United (A) - 3
Bournemouth (H) - 3
Newcastle (H) - 3

Newcastle game might actually be tricky, interesting to see who plays since that's Wednesday and we play Everton on Saturday

Fulham (A) - 1
Palace (H) - 3
United (A) - 3
Bournemouth (H) - 3
Newcastle (H) - 3

These are all very winnable games. And a rocket up our arses has been provided in the opening game.
At the very least, 3 wins and we're ok. As crazy as that seems

We need to win the next 4.

disgraced cake:
4 wins please, redmen. Let's get those and we can just look at the Fulham game as a frustrating afternoon and nothing more. If we can get to 13 points from 15 I think most would have taken that before the start of the season even if the first 5 were all very winnable games.

Beat Palace. Take it from there


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