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Song for Nunez.

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Gaudete GaudeTerry de Niro, Ex Maria Virginae Gaudete!:
Yes I know he's only just signed, but a mate of mine did this.
Cheesy as, but catchy as well?   ;D

We turn to Nun
Like a flower leaning toward the sun
We turn to Nun
Cause he's the only one
Who can turn us around
When we're upside down
We turn to Nun

To the tune of the classic T.Rex hit Children of The Revolution (chorus)

'No you won't beat the players of the evolution'


Has he come up with one for Mane yet?

How about Darwin, Darwin, Darwin, Daaaaaarwin to the tune of Jolene?

Bing Crosby's Pervy Nickers Sniffing Xmas Eve Special! Mmm!:
Oh Darwin, please believe me
I'll never do you no harm
Believe me when I tell you
I'll never do you no harm

Sounds like a thinly veiled threat from a stalker-ish fan to be fair.


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