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Injury (and absence) related chat (so the news is kept in the other thread)

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--- Quote from: newterp on December  4, 2022, 01:08:51 pm ---Jota, February, article?

--- End quote ---
"with the team" ?

"to the article" ?

Liverpool forward Diogo Jota’s injury is ‘complicated’ and his absence is expected to be ‘long-term’, according to an update from injury analyst Ben Dinnery.

Speaking to GiveMeSport, Dinnery admitted that Jota’s knee injury is a serious one and that he won’t be returning to action for a while.

The injury analyst said:

“With Diogo Jota, it is slightly more complicated and it is very much long-term.

“He will be going out to Dubai but that is purely just to continue his rehab, and for a change of scenery, get a bit of sun on his back, and psychologically it can be a bit of a boost to get away and change your environment.”

Too early for flapjacks?:
Knee injury? Thought he had a tear in his calf injury and due back around Feb. Klopp was always clear he wouldn't be back in 2022.

Yeah it's a calf muscle injury, obviously a grade 3 tear. Nasty injury but it didn't require surgury and he's travelled with the team to Dubai to continue his rehabilitation. How complicated could it possibly be?

Obvious bullshit.

Ghost Town:
Who is 'injury analyst Ben Dinnery'. Does he work for Liverpool FC?


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