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Injury (and absence) related chat (so the news is kept in the other thread)

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Its an injury a game at the moment. Ridiculously annoying and makes life so much harder. Although were coping pretty well!

Remember back in the summer when some in the transfer thread were complaining we had too many players and we should be looking to offload a few. We're going to have to heavily rotate in those last two CL matches to keep key players fresh and healthy

We can maybe add a second discussion thread - will split it out pronto :)

I wonder why our players get injured so easily. Is it because weve got a group of injury prone players or can it be related to the intensity they put in training/games?

Mister Flip Flop:
Reserves in the last two games and the league cup. We simply can't afford anymore injuries now or it will derail our season. Bobby being injured again is a huge worry with Salah and Sadio off to the African tournament in a few weeks.


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