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Phil Scraton - a truly remarkable and extraordinary Liverpudlian

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Phil M:

--- Quote from: Timbo's Goals on June  1, 2021, 03:30:09 pm ---To be frank, Phil [sorry  ;D], a dedicated thread on this website to your goodself is decades overdue and I'm a bit embarrassed on behalf of every member of this website that none of us have ever before got around to putting one up. Indeed, when the thread has been in this active section for a few weeks or so John C who is a senior mod is going to pin it up at the top as a sticky so there will always be a permanent reminder on this site as to the unprecedented role you have played on behalf of the families, the survivors, the wider LFC community and the club itself in assuring the besmirching of the fans will forever be consigned to that cesspit from whence it came.

--- End quote ---

Very well said Timbo.

Al 666:
First time I spoke to Phil was a chance encounter. I had no idea who he was or his relevance to Hillsborough. I had always pushed Hillsborough to the back of my mind. Looking back, it was because I couldn't deal with it.

I was 20 years of age and had gone for yet another adventure following the reds. I had a ticket for the north stand but was involved in the crush outside. Furthermore, I watched the devastation unfold. Knowing that I had relatives and friends on the Leppings lane terraces.

From the North Stand I saw fellow Reds take advertising hoardings and use them as emergency stretchers whilst the Police stood ideally by.

I remember coming home numb and listening to Radio Merseyside who had a mix of sympathetic music and tails of taxi drivers and car drivers driving up to Sheffield to bring the injured fans home for free. That was probably the proudest moment  of my life as a Reds fan. 

Imagine how that turned around after the bastard lies of South Yorkshire Police, the gutter press and above all the Tory government.

All of a sudden it was a drunken mob, causing a riot and forcing the gates. The ultimate betrayal, casting those who survived the crush and those who died as the perpetrators.

To this day I still have nightmares about Hillsborough. About the people I pushed out of the way to escape the crush outside the ground, about the people I saw crushed before my eyes. Everyone who was there knew what happened.

It is people like Phil who not only gave the 96 justice but also took a huge burden from the survivors.   

As I say it was a chance encounter with Phil but it truly changed my life.

Thank you so much.

Thanks for everything, Phil. Great tribute post, and fully deserved!

Thanks for starting this thread Timbo.

Iíve always admired Philís hard work and tenacity but taken it for granted that he is there working away.

Now I stop to think what we would have done without him Iím shocked as it doesnít bear contemplation.

We canít underestimate his value, I certainly donít.

Craig S:
Well said Alan.

Phil's book was like my bible years ago, to reference and debunk the crap I used to hear (before sites like this started collating articles etc). I have bought different versions of it throughout the years and given to non lfc supporting colleagues to educate them. Most of them are mancs via the companies I worked for, and to a man they all read it and came back to admit their preconceptions were incorrect.

Thanks for everything Phil


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