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--- Quote from: jillcwhomever on November  3, 2023, 06:44:22 am ---I don't even think of Lavia now. Once we get a proper 6 in, we basically have everything we need.

--- End quote ---

100%. I think we are very close to being a truly top side.

What we have done this season with such a disjointed midfield (three 8s playing together, or two 8s and a slow 6 who then impacts the 8s who have to protect him), has been remarkable. We have been wide open in midfield throughout the season, providing inadequate protection for the back line, meaning giving away cheap goals and then having to constantly climb a mountain (which ultimately took its toil), so to finish with circa 80 points and a Cup is a great achievement.

A top class DM and then we will see the best of Dom, Mac (consistently), Jones and co. Likewise the forwards will get better/quicker service with the 8s not restricted or held back in having to stay close to (look after) the 6. The defence will then have someone infront of them providing much better protection, tracking runners from midfield, putting out fires when teams counter.

The 6 is the easiest upgrade in the squad by a country mile. We do that, and just that alone, we look very very good.


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