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--- Quote from: spider-neil on November  3, 2023, 05:43:18 am ---Each to their own but I didnít have a problem with Keitaís performances when fit (which admittedly was hardly ever). I thought he was excellent in the quadruple chasing season especially in Europe.

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He had some good games and flashes but just thought we didn't see enough of it.  It was like he was 'almost' the complete midfielder but it never quite happened, I don't think the league was for him.  A clear cut below what we have now - I'd have him 7th or 8th choice in today's midfield even if he was fit.


--- Quote from: spider-neil on November  3, 2023, 05:40:35 am ---To be fair, Chelsea were courting Caicedo for months (maybe even a year). Lavia is the annoying one. He must have known he would have been given more opportunities at Liverpool than Chelsea. Sure, we messed him around but so what?

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I don't even think of Lavia now. Once we get a proper 6 in, we basically have everything we need.


--- Quote from: jillcwhomever on November  3, 2023, 06:44:22 am ---I don't even think of Lavia now. Once we get a proper 6 in, we basically have everything we need.

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Which he could have been for us. Whatever, whatís done is done. This could have played out so differently if Southampton would have just accepted our third offer. That said, maybe if that happens we donít bring In Gravenberch and right now I know which one I would rather have.


--- Quote from: ljycb on November  3, 2023, 01:04:40 am ---I would replace Matip with an incoming player (given that Virgil is getting older every day) and use Gomez as someone who can play across the back four, and that is why I am not in charge of decision making at the club.

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Youíd be right. Many successful clubs have a Gomez type who can play anywhere across the back.

Black Bull Nova:
Was that the smallest midfield in Liverpool history tonight
Endo, Mac and Elliot


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