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--- Quote from: Dr. Beaker on September  8, 2023, 09:53:07 am ---Or just one of the buoys.

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--- Quote ---Szoboszlai & Mac Allister have already played more league minutes for Liverpool in 4 games than Ox and Keita played in the whole of 22/23 season.

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--- Quote from: spider-neil on September  8, 2023, 04:39:41 pm ---Or we make them. Jones, for example, was an attacker utilised in the front three and now he has the capability to play as a defensive midfielder. Mac can play in any position in midfield and Iím pretty sure Dom can well.

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Exactly. Jones is a good example of adaptability rather than thinking in fixed positions.

Look at what we've also done with Trent - who's already gone from a midfielder in the Academy, to RB, to attacking fullback (almost an auxilliary winger at times), to a deep-lying hybrid role pinging 60-yard passes. Or how Robbo arrived for £8m from relegated Hull as a battling LB and became one of the best attacking fullbacks in the world (often switching sides with Trent). Or Gini arriving from relegated Newcastle, and changing from a goalscoring AM to one of the best ball-retaining/pressing/controlling CMs in the league. Or how Bobby's role evolved, or Mo and Sadio often switching flanks or playing through the middle. Even Thiago could play as a 6, 8 or 10, although clearly not as a long term option.

Midfield is probably the hardest area to perform multiple roles, but even Gerrard grew into them over time. He wasn't performing them all perfectly in the same season - evolving from all-action box to box 8, to a goalscoring 10 with Torres, to a deep-lying quarterback role, where he had more time on the ball to use his incredible passing range. Each of those roles suited our team and formations at the time, whilst also allowing him to adapt as he got older.

He's obviously an outlier (like Bellingham) in terms of sheer talent, but I think adaptability is much more common with modern players, especially under an innovative manager like Jurgen. The players we've bought in (plus existing midfielders) clearly have specialisms, but I personally don't think this limits a player's potential to be deployed into different roles. Especially Gravenberch, who I think Jurgen can mould into anything he wants.

Tactical and positional discipline can be coached if you have the right physical attributes and raw skillset. There's numerous examples of players at other clubs who've gone on to perform roles at elite level from a very different starting point.

Total football I think we devastating against low blocks but against the very best sides I think you may be better served with a specialist.

Against the bottom three
Gravenberch - Mac - Dom

Against the top 6
Mac - Endo - Dom

Is completely and utterly transformed.

The amount of depth, quality, skills, swagger, energy, talent in our midfield is unprecedented.

After years of having an industrial, workmanlike midfield that did a great job of defending spaces behind our fullbacks in transition, giving us stability and legs we are about to build something truly special that can offer a lot more. We have completely robbed off Leipzig for a player that's easily worth over 120 m in this market , a player who looks destined to become one of the best around.

From a department that bolstered our squad it looks like we're building something that can be our main strength. Truly, truly exciting times ahead.


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