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Keith Lard:
After 7 years of Klopp you can see some of the supporter base has become entitled and forgotten the dark days

Son of Spion:

--- Quote from: Captain Kos on January 14, 2023, 04:18:56 pm ---Klopp out. Any manager who picks shitebags like Henderson and fabinho game after game despite in the form they're in deserves to go. Ox playing left sided again. We've seen for years that doesn't work. No game plan no idea. Klopp has had his run. He needs to go.

--- End quote ---

Stockholm Syndrome:

--- Quote from: Ultimate Bromance on January 14, 2023, 04:25:18 pm ---The coaches need to come up with a style of play that suits the team that's available, instead of persevering with whatever fucking nonsense they've been trying so far this season.

Roll the sleeves up and play ugly and negative if we have to, you can blame injuries for a loss of quality but not the lack of intent and desire that we're witnessing. They either don't have the legs or they don't have the mentality to go again. Either way, massive clear out is required. Maybe not just on the field if they can't sort this shit out after half a season.

--- End quote ---

I literally couldn't tell you what style of play is better for these players. They can't tackle, can't press, can't defend, only one of the midfielders can pass a ball.

How do you play with this midfield currently?

Anyone else tempted to say, especially during the game, "Klopp out" can just log off now  :wanker


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