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Make 4 subs at half time Kloppo.

Solomon Grundy:

--- Quote from: stoj on September  7, 2022, 08:39:13 pm ---Tough boy hey? It's bloody obvious from watching tonight, we are getting shredded. Milner should be off before he gets sent off

--- End quote ---

Its not obvious at all. Just because our current form is poor it doesn't mean we aren't winning anything this season. There is still a long way to go and lots can change.

Defensive issues aside, our attack looked better for a brief period with Salah up top, Trent actually had room to overlap and Elliot was able to make runs in behind and get at players.

Elliot isn't a midfielder he's a forward, when we play him and Salah on the right they just stand on each others toes and congest that area of the pitch. With some midfielders coming back I hope we can go back to a more orthodox three and hopefully see that right side start to function properly again.


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