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--- Quote from: SamLad on September  7, 2022, 06:17:54 pm ---I raised that a week or two back and was greeted with the usual nonsense responses eg "He's an RB!!"  "He's not a midfielder!!"

you'd think moving a player in a time of dire need was a fucking mortal sin or something.

--- End quote ---
I was always of the opinion that why would you move a player who is the best in the world in what he does in that position, but I'm coming round to thinking it might be an option to try, or we will never know.
I think back to Gerrard. He could have been the best RB in the world. Benitez even made him play on the right side of midfield until he was ready to become one of the finest midfielders to grace the game. Beckham is another one perhaps who could have excelled at RB, and was certainly a much better option than the man who actually played there then....
Jürgen knows best, but it would be interesting.

That wasn't on the midfield was it,Joe is getting rinsed every fucking time

I'll rephrase it, we ain't winning shite with this team

The team looks finished


--- Quote from: stoj on September  7, 2022, 08:32:40 pm ---I'll rephrase it, we ain't winning shite with this team

--- End quote ---

Maybe you should fuck off then mate.


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