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With the revelation of Coutinho in a deeper midfield role & Gerrard in the DM role working successfully against Everton it had me thinking.

What 3 man midfield combination do you prefer or would prefer to see?

There is the Lucas, Allen, Henderson thread which makes a strong case for that trio. Perhaps it lacks creativity but offers control.
The trio against Everton perhaps lacks control but offers a killer counter attack & creativity in abundance.
Would you choose neither & mix & match to have both control & creativity. What personnel best offers that?
Rotation is the obvious answer. How would you rotate between say an Arsenal & a Fulham.

Over to you RAWK tacticians...




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Sold on Gerrard as a DM?

whoever is fit and hungry


--- Quote from: Mamadou on January 31, 2014, 05:49:50 am ---whoever is fit and hungry

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If they ALL are?


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