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Thiago has picked up a chest infection following his return to training

Yet is back in training again, according to Klopp:

Meanwhile, Klopp offered a positive update on the fitness of Thiago Alcantara and Divock Origi, while Naby Keita is back in contention after returning from Africa Cup of Nations duty with Guinea.

The manager continued: “Thiago trained with us. Unfortunately, when COVID is around you always think it is the only infection or virus you can get, but he had a little chest infection so he had to step a little bit aside again.

“That’s not perfect, of course, but I expect him to be in team training today again so we will see. The injury is completely fine, he looked really good in training, but that’s how sometimes things are. We will see how we can use him for Sunday.

“Naby is completely fine. Naby came back full of energy, had a few days off as well. Came back here after the tournament full of energy and confidence, so that looked good.

“Divock, yesterday, first time team training, looked very good, but it was the first time full team training after a while, so from here we go as well.”


--- Quote from: ---Thiago Alcantara faces several weeks out with hamstring injury


He will have a second scan later this week, although Liverpool do not consider the injury to be serious.
--- End quote ---


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