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David Faircloughs brief Irish adventure

Quite a good article from our site,




Hey mods if you're reading, given that we've now gone 5 years since the opening of this board perhaps it's time to further the cutoff point a bit? Perhaps to the cup treble or to Istanbul? :)

My first memory in life is from 1993 and my first memory of a football match (Sweden vs Switzerland) is from 1995 so although the older days are indeed interesting for a lot of us younger ones it'd be fun to have the early 2000's covered in here!

Didn't know where else to post it but found it interesting and hadn't heard before. Mods, please move it if required.
This is basically an interview with Gordon Banks.  -

Relevant bit:

--- Quote ---Banks was a Leicester City player when England won in 1966 - but the following year with Peter Shilton emerging, the club decided to sell their World Cup winner. Liverpool were rumoured to be interested but would not meet the 50,000 asking price. In the end he joined Stoke and remained there until he retired from professional football in 1973. Banks had lost the sight in his right eye after a car crash in October 1972.

When Leicester put me up for sale I saw Roger Hunt at an international match. He said: "Don't sign for anybody - Bill Shankly is coming for you."

I thought to myself "that'll do for me". Liverpool had been a top side for a number of years.

I sat and waited and the weeks went by and I thought they were supposed to be coming for me.

I thought I was worth 50,000. I'd been at Leicester for eight years and played in five cup finals - two League Cup finals, two FA Cup finals and a World Cup final.

Eventually the manager at Leicester came up to me and said Stoke are interested and would I like to speak to them.

I was about 28, I was at my peak and Leicester had put me up for sale. I honestly could not get away fast enough and play for a club that wanted me. So I signed for Stoke.

--- End quote ---



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