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Damian V:
Enjoyed the Pink. Pretty heated, but nothing wrong with that. Nice change up of the sometimes too laissez-faire when we perform really poorly.

Kenny's Jacket:

--- Quote from: Crosby Nick on October  3, 2022, 12:17:50 pm ---Havenít listened to any post match or review stuff from the Brighton game. Not sure I want to. In a ďitís not you, itís meĒ kind of way. Used to enjoy the bad result pods sometimes as a bit of therapy but struggling with it at the moment. Iíll be glory hunting my way back on the bandwagon soon enough hopefully.

--- End quote ---

Maybe avoid the Pink, but Neil hosting the PMP, I did find therapeutic.

Free show was a good listen.


--- Quote from: Damian V on October  3, 2022, 12:19:57 pm ---Enjoyed the Pink. Pretty heated, but nothing wrong with that. Nice change up of the sometimes too laissez-faire when we perform really poorly.

--- End quote ---

same, I liked the frustration. go 'ed Kev

Listening to the Review show of Brighton.

The lads talk at length about how Liverpool routinely keep making bad decisions when we're in a crisis situation. They reference several times how when a player needs help, none of the other lads are there to help out. Lots of references to how Liverpool simply aren't doing the things they know how to do.

The answer for me is fairly simplistic but I think I'm right, they're just fucking knackered. Tired.

When you're tired you make bad decisions. You miss things. You may make the right decision eventually but you're too late.

Andy Murray had an issue early in his career and he assumed he needed to improve his technique but actually it was his conditioning letting him down, which meant later in games he was simply too tired to execute the shots he wanted.

I think what we're seeing with Liverpool is a lack of legs. A lack of mobility to cover the ground needed to play in this system we created 3 years ago.

When you're absolutely knackered it's very very hard to think clearly. So when you're seeing players make mad decisions. When you're seeing Trent literally miss the ball, then get ragged, then slice a clearance, it's not because he's a fucking shit footballer or he's an idiot, it's because he's absolutely shattered and it's all he can muster up.

I didn't hear any reference to the actual conditioning of the team in the main show or the review. I think it's fairly obvious the main players from the last 3-4 years are all out on their feet. Look at our worst performers this season. Trent, Virgil, Fabinho, Salah, Henderson, Robertson. All played outrageous amounts of football.

Who have been our better players? Diaz, Elliot, Thiago (when available), Firmino (Barely played last season).


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