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I for one am glad Mr Rob Gutmann is back to overview the ass off the next month.

"The elephant in the room is that United are shite"

No David Mooney, the elephant in the room is that your club are 100% fake and killing football, and you refuse to acknowledge it, and pretend they're 100% legit.

I know he's reasonable enough on the football stuff, but it's like the fan equivalent of Eddie Howe - absolutely no intention of discussing what, and who, has brought City to where they are, and continually talking about the club as though they've earned their success and its completely natural they're at the top. I know I can't expect the guy to wollow in misery and apologise, but honestly, no countenancing of the reality at all? - that does my head in. Even that absolute weapon Ste Tudor was more willing to discuss their ownership.


--- Quote from: Schmohawk on September 30, 2022, 11:27:49 pm ---I for one am glad Mr Rob Gutmann is back to overview the ass off the next month.

--- End quote ---

Love the Overview, but have no idea why it comes out right before we play our first game in weeks, which instantly renders it somewhat out of date. I hadn't had a chance to listen to it yet, and now us fucking up the Brighton game changes the picture completely and makes whatever is said on the show less meaningful.

Sorry, I know I'm nitpicking a bit, but just thought the timing was strange and it would've been nicer to have it some time during the past two weeks, when there was nothing to talk about anyway.

Pink was spot on with letting the team get old and tired on our watch.

Violent agreement with Kev, yes we ask a lot but it also isnít that complicated with signing midfielders. If you watch any other football youíll see our bar low.

That Pink was very entertaining. The odd thing is that both Andy and Kev have perfectly sound arguments. I do lean towards Andy's way of thinking in that recruitment isn't easy. However, when you start the season so poorly, it's absolutely fair game to question the state of the squad and the management of the squad in terms of succession.

To the untrained ear it was a lot of shouting...but it was actually a genuinely decent debate.


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