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New Record??

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Dunno if this has been mentioned before or not, but if we win the championship and the champions league this year then we will have won every single trophy possible within 15 months. Thats Worhty Cup, FA Cup, UEFA Cup, Charity Shield, European Super Cup, League title and European Cup.

Anyone know if this has ever been done before, are there any more that could have possibly been won (Euro Cup Winners Cup is no longer so weve won every euro one havent we??). Has any team ever won 7 tophies in 15 months before??

I think the only trophy we have left is that shitty world club cup thingy.

It sounds like a record to me, There the World Club Championship that the mancs took part in. Or there is the world championship that Bayern Munchen won this season[Toyota something or other}.


--- Quote ---I think the only trophy we have left is that shitty world club cup thingy.
--- End quote ---

Well I think you've answered your own question there!  :D

(Although it's now called the "Inter-Continental Cup" to make way for the FIFA World Club Let's get the Mancs out of the FA Cup Championship - which isn't being held this year.)

Never thought of it as a clean sweep before - of course, we will have handed back the League, FA & UEFA Cups by the time we have laid our hands on any more so we can't claim a Tiger Woods style Grand Slam. But winning the League & Euro Cups will give us the opportunity to defend the Charity Shield and Super Cup and, with the Inter-Continental Cup (Which we've never won by the way) we could do another "5 Trophies in a Calendar Year" gig.

Or we could call it 4 Trophies in a season.


ill settle for

every trophy in england and european competition in just over a year

(that world club isnt europe cos its FIFA not UEFA!)


Don't forget we won the BBC sports team of the year!!
;) ;)


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