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Cockney Kid:
Fester, hello mate, i know you are on the LFC london forum. Im Cockney Kopite on that.
I think as crosby nick says, The ruse pub is a good choice, i know Tony, im sure he would not mind us having it there, after all we had the christmas party their. FYI yes it probably will be in the evening. 
If some of the london Reds register on im sure their will be some information on their. I think that Chris Odea is the guy you need to contact. his Email is

Hope i have been helpful.

Im certainly interested in attending.

Graham Smith:
We've made it clear that we're pretty relaxed about anyone attending - member or not.

Good chance for people to see how we work and much of it will be introductions etc.

I doubt there'll be much voting, if any,  on the night but we'll have membership forms, packs and other resources with us.

Will defo make it. Was gonna suggest  the Famous Three Kings in west kensington (I know its chelsea territory) used to be a good pub for reds to watch the game and sing.

I'll be there.


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