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As I trawl the web and see the views of other fans I have come to a potentialy disappoiunting perception.  As LFC fans we experience the great atmasphere and fun to be had at our matches.  UEFA even confirmed LFC fans as the best in 2001.

However the perception by other fans either as a wind-up or true is that we are seen as thugs.  This may have some credence for some LFC fans in the 80's but again my perception then was that LFC was not alone in football violence - I rememebr the west ham reply at Villa when Kenny scored - hammers fans were fighting like crazy

But is it true? - is LFC continuing to be tainted by the Heysel violence? and the often mistaken view that Hillsborough was similar (for the avoidance of misunderstanding Im NOT saying they were)

Are JUventus seen as thugs?

So were is this thread going? well the GALA- project was admirable but got little publicity - at least in National media.  Initiative must continue but as fans and as fans interested enough to sit at a PC and talk about LFC what else can we do?  

Can we influence the club? If so how and what can we do?  What are the links with Juve, for instance?

What can be done to improve our image?  And this question assumes we've got a problem with it

This is a post written to accept constructive debate and comment

I look forward to  your response

Thugs, In the past I've seen things that I would not dare to post on any web sites for or against.

I think if you take the wider view, most Liverpool fans prefer to go away and have a glass or two or three or four or five etc and talk to rival fans now a days, rather than kicking seven types of "everton" out of other fans this would be a fair comment.

Violence never was, never is, and with hope in my heart never will be seen as the answer.  get the ale in, and lets talk.  Thats the best answer.

As a child I saw fires in the streets outside Highbury, and Portsmouth fans charging en masse across the pitch after losing in the last few minutes at another ground ... but I am lucky that I never saw anything like this associated with Liverpool.  Truly lucky, I know, never to have seen or experienced what some fans (and their families) have gone through.

We have plenty of fucked-up people in this fucked-up world, but surely life is just too short and already full of enough heartache for us to ruin our beautiful game and wonderful club with violence.

Mottman, I owe you a drink for your sentiments  :)


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