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--- Quote from: KOTP on January 21, 2009, 10:48:48 am ---some good posts but surely the thread title should be changed to good posts that tow the line in making sure nothing bad is said about the team or club as if it did theni wouldnt put them here

--- End quote ---

By the way KOTP the posters concerned often have quite a lot of critical things to say about the side and the club, but they do it in a way that puts things in its proper long-term context. Things aren't all hunky dory at the club right now and nobody's trying to paper over the cracks. The auld arses are just trying to rein things in and make people realise what it is they're suggesting.

True as Fat scouser says we're not the finished article.

Rafa is taking us towards a Valencia style of play. But in order to do that you need a tight defense. Every year the team that wins the league generally concedes the least goals. There's no secret why they win it. Most focus on the goals scored. But when you don't concede you get those 1-0's don't you?

Speaking of Rafa and attack, our lad Lucas comes in for some stick. But he is integral to broadening the attack. He gets in the box more in one game than Alonso or Mascherano do in a season. Now that is not to take away from arguably our best midfielder in Xabi. Or our best defensive midfielder. However, to often our lads haven't recognized Lucas' runs in open play and the chance goes begging. Not to mention the headers Lucas wins in the box. Some he's sent wide, others saved. How often do you see Alonso or Masch in the box for corners? Lucas adds that extra dimension.

Then there's the likes of Agger and Insua at the back.

There are signs of progress ahead with the players we have. As ever we evolve. Rafa is keen never to sit still and accept things as they are. In spite of those who say he stubborn. He is at that, he stubbornly wants perfection.

Mark Walters:
Thanks for the heads up roy.  It's like an oasis of calm and tranquility amongst all the shite that's normally posted.

Shanklyboy has given us a great insight into the behind-the-scenes goings on which, for me, is a real eye-opener.

Degs - Barca are playing like Arsenal of old.  Get men running at pace with the ball at the defence with other midfielders/attackers trying to get behind the back-pedalling defenders.  It's incredibly simple: time the run, play the ball and yet we haven't got a clue how to do it and haven't had anyone attempting it consistently since Nick Barmby was in the team. (Criticise Barmby all you want but if there was 1 thing he was good at it was getting behind the defence.)

an excellent thread idea roy.  i've already enjoyed you collating links to the best contributions on the level three thread but there needs to be some backbone added to the main forums rather than the usual bitch fighting.

but how do we keep this going without it being filled up with loads of random one liners or sarcy comments?

Good thread. That last post is spot on Roy, because it puts the genuine and relevant concerns of Degs' post in context.

The answer to such posts (ie - well-argued and structured posts critical of elements of Rafa's teams, making  them worthy of reply) is as you say to view the CLUB's (frankly frightening) position currently with our rivals; then to look at how well the team is doing given that position.

I don't know how things behind the scene will pan out. I'm hopeful rather than confident.

I don't know how the current season will pan out on the field either. Again I'm hopeful rather than confident. The strong argument in Deg's piece that resonates with me, is that a team can go three games unbeaten (LFC) yet only pick up the same number of points as a team set up, shall we say 'less cautiously'?, and which loses two out of three.

And that's a very powerful argument. (For Manchester Utd in particular, it works too. But remember that United's defence is on current form by far the best in the division).

And so what we are witnessing is actually entirely predictable; it's what's likely to happen when a project like Rafa's is 70% complete isn't it? The basic ethos IS about a clean sheet and 'control'. Not all the pieces are yet in place, but the logic of sticking with the basic principles is key.


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