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Wolves away - 4th May 1976

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--- Quote from: Mottman on December 20, 2003, 12:04:16 am ---We need more arl arse's on here. ;)

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More senile people?



Remember it well went in a transit from Thirlmere rd,broke down on the way down
and it was like the rolls royce on Jim'l'fixit as about 30 got out onthe motorway, we all made our own way any means wotsoever, i got a lift of a wagon driver.
Anyway what a sight to see the driver we was with originaly on the pitch,, never let go, so i could get home.
The next day Tony Wilson the Manc moaned cos he saw a mini gettig attacked and urinated all over.

Memories :wave

Anyone remember that c*nt Wilson getting legged down Wembley Way by a big mob of ours before the Charity Shield game?Only the bizzies saved him getting his head kicked in.That would have been a sight to behold on Granada Reports!

Great to hear about the arl times.  Robbie, maybe if you just showed a few more of your mates how to turn the fancy typewriter on then there would be more arl arses on here.


4TH May 1976

Robbie woke up at 6 AM that morning, he knew it was a big day. His sister Tricia had got a new job at Boots'on the cosmetics counter, he knew she'd be up early but he was going to beat her to the lavvy. It was his day not hers.

He'd seen the looks she'd got and even knew his little mate fancied her. Quickie wash and get dressed, this was going to be IIIITTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

A run through the Halton estate to the bus to school, dressed in red and white.

Everyone on the bus was dressed in school uniform, but not Robbie. He wasn't going to school that day. The trip to school was prety uneventful, except a few songs from Robbie.

He got off the bus knowing today was going to be one brilliant day. Walking up the hill to school seemed like fun, seeing that he wasn't going through those dreaded gates today.

Then he saw it, Tommos' Wrangler with LFC on the top and a Liverbird embroidered all across the back.

Got your “Note” asked Tommo ?

“No” says Robbie.

“Who cares I handed mine in yesterday” Smug looking.

“Let's Go”

Walking away from school teachers asking ”Where are you goung?”
These two just grinned at the teachers (they knew).

At the bottom of the hill these pair looked at each other and said ”Lets go.”

The bus didn't arrive for about 15 minutes, but that didn't mattter, they had 9hrs to make it.

The bus arrived and took them to Bank Quay Station, where they'd decided to make an about turn to Runcorn, to meet up with the scousers coming out of Liverpool.

On boarding the train there only looked like 1000 reds on the train, no problem it's still about 10.30am. Much joviality was had on the train, mostly reds songs but the lack of numbers looked a little worrying then.


Oh no It's about 12.30 pm and theres about 3000 on the station.
“Put youre scarves away boys, we could be in trouble here”

Get off the train “nice and quite” to the sound of Liiiiiiiiiiiivvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrppppppppppppppppppooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


“Now What?” Says Robbie.

“Follow Em” Says Tommo

Next thing this little Red knows, I'm running through the Streets of Wolverhampton. Bricks seem to apear from nowhere, as they are going through shop windows.

A few souveniers were liberated.

Wouldn't you know it coppers appear from nowhere, the old black mariars.
Instead of arresting the lot of us, someone says “Were's the ground?”

They say”Follow us”

(Now there was a very good reason for all this, QPR where top of the league and we needed 1 point to win it, a little strange, 0-0, 1-1 ,was OK but not 2-2)
(Wolves also needed 1 point to avoid relegation or Brum City would go down)

Back to the story of Robbie and Tommo,

Hearded to Molineux, we found ourselves at The South Bank. None other then the Wolves home end. Problem for the them was it was only about 3 pm, they were at work or school, not like us Scallies.

That place got full, then more full, little Tommo was going in, as was Robbie and everyone else.

There was shouting and more, open the gates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The smart Wolves coppers opened the gates long before anyone got hurt just so we could walk in safely.

God Bless them cops

No-one paid to get in, in fact we ransacked the snack stall just before we invaded the pitch.

There where about 200 balls on the pitch so we had a quick game before the game kicked off.

It was going to be a long wait for 7.30.

Robbie and Tommo had long been seperarated before the game started.

No matter the game was on. Official capacity was 49800

He he he that was only the scousers.

Wolves had a little part of their away end.
Their were scousers on the roof.
If you were one of them, them you know who I mean DC.

Not much happening in the first few minutes, except Tommo had met a couple of Brum supporterts, who were naturally gagging for their result.
Then Robbie taps Tommo on the shoulder with a aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhttttttt mate.
Tommo hadn't seen him since the entry.

Then Wolves score, the game's still young, 1-0 down.

Second Half

We were battering them, surely they couldn't hold on.

15 minutes to go!!!!!!!!!!

The Dream may not come true. The Reds become OUR almighty REDS .

Keegan puts one in.

Title is ours “maybe”.

Toshack puts one in.

We can't loose the title.

Kennedy rounds it of with another.

Liverpool Champions

We got to invade the pitch again (I've still got a bit). Then we were escorted back to the train station in double file

On the train going home it was decorated big time

Picked up at the station in Runcorn and taken home!

Should have seen Robbie and Tommo's faces at school the next day



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