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Steve McManaman - Legend or big time charlie????????

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Was on Josh Widdecombe's 90s football podcast this week. Was the usual stuff, inoffensive until he said "Liverpool and Real Madrid are the same type of club."

He was always a snake. Who cares he never drops gems or tactical breakdowns. All he does is speak in cliches like those other three rats Owen,Murphy and Carra. I actually like that tool G Nev over them hes actually a weirdo tho. Only commentator I like is Ian Wright really and truly.

His commentatING is really annoyING, isn't it Fletch? What was that, someone just chokeslammed Mo Salah in the box? Nope, nothing wrong with that Fletch, that's fine by me.

From the "Liverpool confidental" piece on the Daily Mail it mentions:


Former Liverpool academy graduate Steve McManaman has emerged as a key voice around the academy, with the Anfield legend and ex-Real Madrid star often acting as an advisory figure for youth coaches.

McManaman often attends youth matches, such as the FA Youth Cup match at Leeds last week, and gets involved with training sessions in Kirkby.

He deals regularly with the likes of Under 18s boss Marc Bridge-Wilkinson and youth analyst Scott Mason.

The TNT Sports pundit joins in with sessions with a hands-on approach - if he can still keep up with the players! - and offers advice and opinions to youth coaches on how to deal with the personal side of getting the best out of the up-and-coming starlets

He also talks about it a little in an interview with "Sign Up" here too:



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