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Steve McManaman - Legend or big time charlie????????

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Is it just me or does anybody else get easily annoyed by the man, every time i see him he makes me cringe.

And after some recent outbursts in the media i hate the man even more.

Anyways i just wanted to see the opinion amongst us reds and see if you people share the same opinion as me i.e. "shut up and go away, you waste of time big time charlie wannabe" or do you class him as a legend.

Obviously the way he left this fantastic club of ours wasn't the best, however when he was here i'll be honest and say i never thought much of him them. 


I agree, he's also starting to grate on me again.

I also never thought much of him as a player for us.  The way he used to stick his hand up when he lost a ball done my head in.

The Infamous_LFC:
Don't like him as a person seems very annoying.

As a player I loved him though bought light to the days of gloom him and Robbie did.


Was a decent player but never as good as he thought he was. I hate the way he goes on about being a toffee, he's a beaut.


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