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Veinticinco de Mayo:

--- Quote from: farawayred on March  6, 2012, 09:10:57 pm ---EDIT: On a serious note, is there any thought of allowing to quote posts from locked threads?

--- End quote ---

That would be a techie thing for Ben to enable that.  I am not sure why you would want to though?


--- Quote from: Veinticinco de Mayo on March  6, 2012, 09:27:14 pm ---John,

We included "persistent and gratuitous" for a reason.  We're not planning on scouring the net looking for the tiniest bit of abuse.  However we have had instances in the past where a blog was being used to attack the site on a daily basis.  Or when users from other sites were only really coming on here to cause trouble and then reporting back to their mates on the first site.  It's all a bit sad really and best for both sides if it is brought to an end.

I don't think that there is time for the chat thing but if anyone wants to discuss a moderation issue then a polite PM or email will definitely have more chance of success than an online rant. 

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Didn't know about that.

Fair enough then.

Can I recommend that the mod who issued the ban attach their username to the ban message then? So as posters know who to get in touch with to sort everything out through the RAWK Editor e-mail?


--- Quote from: J-Mc- on March  6, 2012, 09:14:32 pm ---I would like to discuss this bit particularly.

"Just as we aim to be fair to you, then in response we ask that you be fair to the site, the staff and other users.  Persistent or gratuitous abuse of the site, staff or particular users on Twitter, Facebook, personal blog or hilarious youtube video may also result in your posting rights being permanently withdrawn. "

I understand that no one wants to be seen to be getting slagged off in any form or anyway possible (unless it's playful banter which is accepted and thus not taken to far,) however it doesn't sit right that what you post on another medium will have repercussions onto your RAWK profile for me.

--- End quote ---

This. I previously mentioned soon after the good Dr. was banned that for me, this was a tad over the top.
I of course understand the slagging off of Mods on this very forum wont be tolerated but to try and police member's Twitter's makes me feel very uneasy.


--- Quote from: Veinticinco de Mayo on March  6, 2012, 09:31:12 pm ---That would be a techie thing for Ben to enable that.  I am not sure why you would want to though?

--- End quote ---
Sometimes it's the best place to find evidence, old quotes from a poster, etc. Most recent case that springs to mind was a long post by Aristotle; poor guy had to use a lot of "cut and paste"... But on the other hand, I understand that most threads are locked for a reason which you don't want to see resurface again. Perhaps a consideration can be given to allow posting from locked threads but with more severe consequences if anyone quotes anything provocative that lead to the thread being locked. Something along the lines of the rules for "strictly moderated topics" (the ones denoted with the asterisk).

Rules seem fair to me.  As for outside of RAWK, I was subject to what I consider pretty personal abuse on twitter after posting in a  recent Adam thread and the abuse was from one very respected poster on here to another RAWK poster.  I was disappointed that my opinion on a player on here turned in to a personal attack from other RAWK posters in the un-moderated world of Twitter.  Never seen the need meself like :(


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