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Dan Gordon's Hillsborough Film

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Brilliant doco, was shown here in Australia not too long ago. So hard to watch though. Gut wrenching stuff.

Kept this on Sky Plus from BBC2 showing. Watched it again this afternoon. The 96 will never be forgotten.

Still find it truly shocking how the police and a certain newspaper acted. I sincerely hope that those responsible are held criminally accountable.

An excellent yet harrowing documentary. Every single football fan shoild watch this. Puts it all into perspective.


--- Quote from: oojason on May 14, 2017, 10:56:21 pm ---Earlier tonight Dan Gordon's excellent Hillsborough documentary won a BAFTA tv award (for Best Single Documentary)

a clip of the him accepting the award, along with Phil Scraton and some of the other top people who worked on it, his speech, and a post-award interview:-


The documentary itself can be be seen at (contains additional and updated footage from the Inquests):-


--- End quote ---

Bumped. Well deserved recognition.

thanks for the movie i'm definitely going to watch it. and thank you guys for your opinions as they were they ones making me watch it. would you mind if i am going to ask some questions after watching it? thanks


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