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I'm basically making this thread to form a timeline of articles for the History Forum.  It's basically a call-to-arms for events, good and bad, that will chronicle the history of the club in the media through articles and specials in newspapers.  The more accurate the date the better.  Remember, the History board is for items that are up to and including the final day of the Kop.  I've personally got articles from around the 60s with a colour special from the Echo in 1962 when we were promoted but I'd love to see this, there must be troves of the stuff in people's attics.  And I don't mean stealing stuff from either.

Hopefully it takes off anyway, it's something I'd love to see recorded in definitive form.

Rear page of Liverpool Echo's "Salute to Liverpool F.C." 1962

The 5th Benitle:
Good idea, will move it over in due course

I don't know if it's the kind of thing you're after, but I've got a load of old scrapbooks going back to the 60s, consisting of newspaper pictures from Liverpool games. I've recently started scanning them, cleaning them up (removing old sellotape marks etc) and noting them with date, result etc - if you are interested I can post them on here.

Manila Vanilla:
I too have got enough stuff to start my own site!
Scrapbooks, newspapers and special supplements from 1964 to late 70s.
As an example, here's Shankly's first Championship and the first European Cup.


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