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--- Quote from: terry_macss_perm on October 24, 2021, 11:55:59 pm ---Being realistic, if we get even one first team regular from that batch well have done well. Its such a big step up to the level we aspire to.

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It is, we can take heart from Trent and Jones, not sure we can count Elliott in the same way as he was clearly an absolute diamond and Gordon looks the same

I think whatever the number of players who actually make it will come down to luck, if they can stay clear of injuries and if the players ahead of them in the position they play in are near the end they have a chance- Balagizi/Gordon/Beck/Morton for these reasons are all in with a shout


--- Quote from: Magix on October 25, 2021, 04:18:39 am ---Glatzel seems like he has more about him physically than Cain and Clarkson from the way he puts himself about. With the right nurturing and luck, maybe he can be a Jarrod Bowen level (see a bit of Bowen in him) and thus a useful utility player for us.

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Yes, hes a very intelligent player who works his socks off & hes got quality, just needs to stay fit and find his rhythm and I think hes got a chance

Clarkson/Cain need to add that Mascherano toughness and physicality- they have the skill but they need to be able to win the physical battles as well as the technical / tactical ones

Any scout reports on Blair?


--- Quote from: gray19lfc on October 27, 2021, 06:42:57 pm ---Any scout reports on Blair?

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Awful hair, not much of a finisher. Runs a lot.

Very much under the radar because he was injured for most of last season and bits of this too.  Very lucky to get an opportunity but they need a winger in their formation and Kaide Gordon is injured, and presumably Musialowski too.  Good luck to him.


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