Author Topic: RAWK Advent Calendar #1. Matches with meaning: LFC v CFC. 2005.  (Read 68686 times)

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Re: RAWK Advent Calendar #1. Matches with meaning: LFC v CFC. 2005.
« Reply #40 on: February 14, 2014, 11:31:30 am »
Bump as a big thanks to Hinesy for sharing that. That was a great read, mate. I watched the match on TV as I am a fucking useless OOT (  :wave ) and the memories I have of that game are a blur, even though the only sounds in my house as I watched it alone were the sounds of my heavy breathing and my cats purring. The Garcia goal goes in, I'm fucking up out of my seat going absolutely stark raving mad, then in an instant I'm shitting myself looking at the clock - how the fuck are we going to hold out? Jamie Fucking Carragher, that's how. To this day, the only thing that stands out for me as much as little Luis Garcia's moment of magic was the absolutely monumental performance of Carra. Legend forever.
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Re: RAWK Advent Calendar #1. Matches with meaning: LFC v CFC. 2005.
« Reply #41 on: May 6, 2015, 11:59:24 am »
Last Sunday was the 10th anniversary of this game, can't believe it was 10 years ago where does the time go?

 So the build up 0-0 from the first leg Mourinho naming our team in the press conference the day before but his side still had to score against us[1-1 would see them go to Istanbul]. However kickoff, 4th minute we get a chance & Luis Garcia scores was it in, was it on the line think that'll be debated for as long as England's 3rd goal in 66 World Cup Final has been, i digress, i don't remember much chances in the first half after that go into the halftime break 1-0 up.

Early in the second half Chelsea have a dangerous free kick, Lampard takes but Dudek comfortably deals with it, don't remember many Chelsea chances after that other than that in injury time, just before the 90th minute Cisse had a great chance to make it 2-0 but fluffs his line, Cisse came on a sub recovering from that horrific injury he got at Blackburn earlier that season, however the 4th official indicates 6 minutes of injury time, 6 MINUTES bloomin hell turns out to be the longest 6 minutes in our history, Gudjohnsen who was one of the deadly strikers had a great chance in the 94th minute even if it was from an angle 9 times out of 10 he'd have scored, however to the relief of Liverpool the ball went wide, & that was Chelsea's last chance to level the scores meaning they'd go through on away goals, 2 minutes later the Ref blows the final whistle cue relief & celebrations as we make it to Istanbul.
Older fans recall Chelsea away in 86 but i can't remember a tenser game as that, 1-0 up for so long that Gudjohnsen chance still expecting the net to bulge today then relief at full time. I was watching in my local so at least i could have a pint, don't know how the fans inside the stadium coped with the tension not being able to have a pint.