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CL: Liverpool 2 vs 0 Porto Thiago ‘52 Salah ‘70

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--- Quote from: stockdam on November 22, 2021, 09:03:03 am ---

RefereeFelix Zwayer (GER)
Assistant refereesMarco Achmüller (GER)Mike Pickel (GER)
Fourth officialSven Jablonski (GER)
Video Assistant RefereeBastian Dankert (GER)
Assistant Video Assistant RefereeHarm Osmers (GER)

Random things that I don’t care about:

The colour yellow.
Fiction books.
Famous actors.
Who the president of USA is.
TV Soaps.
Timmy Mallett.
This match.

Well here's the downside of winning each game up to now in the CL.........we now have a meaningless match and our only objective should be to avoid injuries to key players. We cannot be caught and have guaranteed top spot.

Obviously we will play a weakened team but even then we have to be careful not to pickup injuries to our backup players as they may be needed at some time soon.

I believe that our injury list includes Firmino, Elliott, Gomez, Jones, Jota, Origi, Williams, Robertson, Milner and Keita. That list is starting to grow and may affect our season. If anyone has a recent update then please correct me; several of these players may be available for the Porto game.

With our list of injuries I think the following will not play.
TAA, VVD, Matip, Robertson, Tsimikas, Fabinho, Thiago, Firmino, Salah and Mane. Alisson will also be rested.

So who do I believe we will play as it’s going to be a wild guess. Klopp might play the likes of a Henderson to give him some match fitness and one or two in the injured list might be fit enough.

I think Kelleher will play but I wouldn't be surprised if it's Adrian.
Ok that’s the easy choice as we have enough fit keepers.

Defence is hard to predict if Williams and Gomez aren’t available.

I think Phillips and Bradley will play. I think Williams may be ok but he is our backup for TAA and so I wouldn’t risk him. I’m also going to assume that Milner will be fit. Koumetio is an option to play alongside Phillips. Maybe Konate will play to give him more game time or even Gomez if he’s fit.

So maybe:

Bradley Konate Phillips Milner

Again I’m struggling to guess who will play in midfield.

Henderson and Ox could play but would you risk them getting injured?
Jones and Keita may be available but even so I wouldn’t risk either of them.
Morton will probably start.

My guess is:

Morton Ox Dixon-Bonner

Up front i’m going to exclude Mane, Salah and Jota.

I think we have to risk Origi and Minamino just to give them a game…….that’s if Divok is fit.

Attackers could therefore be Divok, Minamino and Blair.

I really have no idea who will play but I don’t want to see any of our key players or backup players being risked. Yes there is a case for playing some who need more match fitness but that could go horribly wrong if any of them get injured.

As for the subs then it could be anyone as long as they were either listed in the CL squad or else meet the criteria for the B List.

I could have more chance of winning the lottery than guessing who could be on the bench.

I think Klopp will give minutes to several players who he'd like to see at a higher level.

The result........could be anything although I predict a 2-2 draw.

Porto will be delighted that they aren’t going to face our strongest team and that gives them a good chance of taking all 3 points………but if they do then all I really care about is zero injuries and the chance for some of our youngsters to play a competitive game. We have a crop of good players coming through and this type of opportunity will be great for their development. Imagine standing on the pitch for your first senior start listening to a packed Anfield singing YNWA.

I'm just going to sit back, open a can and enjoy the match without any thought of what the score will be. I might even be tempted to read a fiction novel or listen to Timmy Mallett during the game.

Let's hope it's an enjoyable match and that we don't pick up any injuries.

Over to you guys to debate the lineup or anything else whilst I have a beer.

Oh and please don’t tell me you like Timmy Mallett.

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For what is the deadest of dead rubbers, there is a packed house.

Great away crowd always adds to the atmosphere.

0 we’re underway as Liverpool attack the anfield road end in the first half.


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