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Saw his earlier thread locked from way back, but I haven't heard from him in a while.  Scored 2 for Beşiktaş in the Europa tonight, and I thought he looked good.

Beşiktaş 4 Olympiakos 1

I can't believe he's still only 30.

If he were any good he would have been here for as long as Lucas by now.

Babel got the winner against Man Utd in 2008 & also the 4th goal that year in the clash with Arsenal. He also got a decent goal at Chelsea in the next round. However I think it's fair to say his time at the club was prolonged due to the owners and the managers concerns that he would be able to spend the transfer fee if Babel was sold.Kenny Dalglish wasted no time shipping him out to Hoffenheim.

Chalky Boots:
He was talented but the summer of 08 was just one massive clusterfuck for his career. Annoyed Rafa, which is basically career suicide as the guy rarely forgives, got injured and really - and I mean really - didn't work on his game at all after that. Fitness went away and it's way he's spent the last couple of years like a complete has-been.

Vaguely remember there was talk at the time though that Ayesteran didn't rate him at all around about the time him and Rafa's relationship was going sour. It's a shame really, that entire generation of dutch talent was a complete let down.

Nice to see he's got himself a club again though.

Andy Hunter:
Recalled to Netherlands squad after 6 years. He really wants to wear our away kit doesn't he?

With RVP back too, is this a compliment to them both, or is this a slight on Holland's youth climate?


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