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hi mate, hope you are ok... :) Singh

Good luck Rhi!

Benimar Col:
This is from Roy Heaney, an ex pro and Liverpool FC player from the mid seventies under Roy Evans and John Benninson, please take the time to vote,many thanks Col.

Liverpool Football Club has been a part of my life since my first memories as a child and my ambition was to one day pull on that famous red jersey. This was my passion from my childhood years through my teenage years until I realised my dream at the age of 15 in 1975 signing on schoolboy forms for my beloved club.
Unfortunately my dreams of playing for the first team were never realised but I was lucky enough to carve out a professional career with Bolton Wanderers. I changed codes in 1981 signing as a Pro Rugby League player with Wigan Warriors and Salford Reds. Eventually going back to football in 1984 to player/manage Wanganui Athletic in New Zealand. Football is still my life along with the mighty Reds. I have an insight into what the club means to its supporters all over the world and have learnt excellent communication and listening skills having been a Social worker 1994-2001. I believe as supporters regardless of race, religion, sex or sexual orientation we all need to have a voice and a valued opinion to how our club is run and the direction it is being taken. I believe I have a very good understanding of many aspects to the running of a football club and also the work that is done in the communities our fans belong too. I am a very committed in dividual and would reliably be able to attend meetings and events when called upon. I am retired due to the after effects of being a professional athlete and am now disabled, giving me plenty of spare time to give the committee. I am a team player and understand the importance of respecting peoples opinions even if they differ from my own. I feel I have many skills due to the varied careers I have had and the life experience I have been fortunate to have been given. It would be an honour for me to help my fellow supporters as a member of the committee and feel I have a lot to offer the role not just with my knowledge of the game but with my passion and commitment to our great club and to be able to help in anyway to enhance the quality of experience our fans and potential fans can gain would be extremely satisfying for me. Liverpool Football Club and its players are indebted to its supporters and I feel that we have a great opport unity to place our club at the top of the world for the experience we give our fans not just at Anfield but across the globe. The committee has a duty to lease and facilitate the fans views hopes and fears for now and the future. We need to be a voice and importantly an ear. I was a very lucky young man all those years ago and would love to be able to give something back.

When do results go up?

Crosby Nick:
Ah, only just seen this and looks like voting is now closed? Very best of luck Rhi (and others!).


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