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Kenny's Jacket:

--- Quote from: decosabute on October  1, 2022, 08:46:55 pm ---Love the Overview, but have no idea why it comes out right before we play our first game in weeks, which instantly renders it somewhat out of date. I hadn't had a chance to listen to it yet, and now us fucking up the Brighton game changes the picture completely and makes whatever is said on the show less meaningful.

Sorry, I know I'm nitpicking a bit, but just thought the timing was strange and it would've been nicer to have it some time during the past two weeks, when there was nothing to talk about anyway.

--- End quote ---

Yes, poor timing, and given our schedule and not having many games, a bit lazy. On the positives there was a new guy Ive never heard before, Ashley Getty. He was very good.

Kenny's Jacket:

--- Quote from: Fitzy. on October  2, 2022, 10:02:42 am ---That Pink was very entertaining. The odd thing is that both Andy and Kev have perfectly sound arguments. I do lean towards Andy's way of thinking in that recruitment isn't easy. However, when you start the season so poorly, it's absolutely fair game to question the state of the squad and the management of the squad in terms of succession.

To the untrained ear it was a lot of shouting...but it was actually a genuinely decent debate.

--- End quote ---

Thought it was thge best Pink for a while.  Much better than listening to Gibbo slur his words in the away end.

The Pink was definitely something. I actually have sympathy with Kev's growing frustration throughout it. Anyone who doesn't think that there's a better player than Henderson out there for us is a moron who deserves shouting at, frankly. That's just child-like bias.

Post match pint's ending was glorious too.

Kev Walsh was practically unlistenable.

He's a right to be frustrated and I don't necessarily disagree with his points.

The way he spoke to Andy (I think) was nothing short of disgraceful. I certainly wouldn't have stood for it.

Bing Crosby's Pervy Nickers Sniffing Xmas Eve Special! Mmm!:
Havenít listened to any post match or review stuff from the Brighton game. Not sure I want to. In a ďitís not you, itís meĒ kind of way. Used to enjoy the bad result pods sometimes as a bit of therapy but struggling with it at the moment. Iíll be glory hunting my way back on the bandwagon soon enough hopefully.


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