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Kenny's Jacket:

--- Quote from: Raaphael on August 17, 2022, 06:38:27 pm ---The AFQ Football one.

--- End quote ---

Some absolutely awful opinions on the Souness question.  I wonder if they actually saw the clip of Souness.

AFQ Football is normally one I really enjoy, I usually like Paula Murphy too but, its like she was answering a different question.

Oh well.


--- Quote from: Raaphael on August 17, 2022, 06:38:27 pm ---The AFQ Football one.

--- End quote ---
You’re right, really poor take on what he said.

Christ alive, that Brentford fan on the coach home. Reminds me of that Watford fan they always had on

Rights, tolerance, shifting beliefs, cultural evolution…when these types of issues emerge and broad opinions begin to alter the populous goes through its own intellectual introspection as it attempts to make sense of new ideas and ways of thinking and learning.

Feminism - in its varying incarnations - is an ongoing struggle to ensure women and girls receive equal standing as men and boys. This has been an eternal struggle that has had many bumps in the road and many disappointments. In lots of ways there have been a series of great successes in the name of gender equality over the past decade - from #MeToo to emerging stature in sport.

This is progress in action and it is rightly celebrated and pushed to the fore. The England team winning the Euros was a milestone in female sport given the accomplishment being witnessed by record numbers and the event taking place at the spiritual home of the sport. It was seminal and it really mattered.

The reaction to this victory was broadly very positive, with the usual misogyny being pushed to the darker corners of social media. This is progress in action.

The one slight issue with any progressive movement that gains momentum is how it can swiftly turn into an ongoing moral lecture of the unenlightened and uninitiated. An over-correction takes hold as those that harbour old fashioned and problematic attitudes become the subject of uninvited admonishment; scolded for their intellectual limitations.

While this is all part of the changing attitudes, with strides being made towards greater equality, I think we have situations like the Souness comments. Regardless of his intentions - I’m not fully clear - he becomes the subject of an outrage that is the result of a very well-meaning and significant movement that rightly feels offended by someone using a public platform to use such unhelpful language.

This stuff is pretty complex and there’s not always a straightforward way of remedying the conflicting set of opinions that has underpinned the very public discourse around Souness’s comments. However, giving him a public kicking is possibly as unhelpful as were his own poor choice of words.

I agree Souness was just inarticulate with a bad choice of words. What he meant was, it's a game where you're allowed kick each other a bit, like in his day.

Anyone getting up on their high horse about it you can flag as one of those people who likes getting up on their high horse.

I thought a much more alarming turn of phrase was Laurie Whitwell on Second Captains during the week remarking on how he was excited that the Premier League was back after a "long summer with no football" — talk about not activating your brain. Aside from the fact that there was a really high profile and hugely attended (and excellent) women's international tournament on, it's also the shortest gap there's ever been between seasons so it's hardly been a break at all.

I don't think Whitwell was discounting the women's tournament, I just think he's a humdrum journalist who turns up an speaks in bland platitudes about the sport he gets paid to watch.

Speaking of Second Captains, their football coverage is far too dominated by cynical journalists who sneer and guffaw at everything, who might even hate football a bit too much. TAW'S Friday Show is the best talking about football podcast I think, and Football Cliches is the best talking about talking about football podcast.


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