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Big fan of Robbo on TAW and heíll be missed.

On reflection I thought the recent re-run of his chat with Adam Smith was pretty poignant. Retrospectively you can see that in the period of the interview that Gareth must have been reflecting on football and how his life in intertwined in that. He obviously hinted at other factors too. Listening back you can definitely make more sense of his decision to leave TAW.

The other point I took out of the interview is that he must have been a proper scall to nearly get suspended from Bowring Comp in the late 80ís or early 90ís. That school was one of the roughest out there during that period. Proper character building place for anyone who went there. Iíll miss the Bowring and KnowsleyUnited shouts from Robbo. Those 2 things make me reminisce loads about my youth and Gareth in general is the Anfield Wrap presenter who I probably  best align to in terms of footballing opinion but also probably early life experience of being brought up in Huyton during the 80/90ís.

All the best Robbo for the future.

Bing Crosby's Pervy Nickers Sniffing Xmas Eve Special! Mmm!:
Yeah it was a good listen, presumably recorded a few months back.

Good to see Robbo on plenty of shows recently, like when we flagged Gini before his exit, theyíre getting full value from him before he goes. :D

Good luck with your next venture Robbo.


--- Quote from: markedasred on June 30, 2022, 11:31:17 am --- I'm not sure how many of the Wrap staff play football these days.

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🤣 Every week at Jericho Lane....we pay our own subs though!

Big Bamber:

--- Quote from: Big Bamber on May 29, 2022, 01:58:26 pm ---The very best of luck to Robbo. He was one of my favourite contributors from the start. Always the right balance between supporting, analysis, critical when warranted, and seemed to share our joys and disappointments. Impossible to replace and I hope the rest of the core group stick with it. Thanks for the many, many shared memories Robbo.

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--- Quote from: TepidT2O on June 28, 2022, 09:02:05 pm ---What? Gareth is leaving?

Thatís terrible..  love listening to him.

Good luck to him..

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Me too. He's one of the funniest on there. Talking Reds won't be the same. God bless him; I hope he moves onto better things, or just gets the rest he needs.


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