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--- Quote from: Yorkykopite on November  6, 2021, 12:23:48 am ---There's one thing that the Kop want you to know
His name is Takumi Minamino-oooo
Our number Eighteen
Give him the ball and he'll serve up a lovely  radiant Japanese fish tureen (lots of extra syllables just like the original version of the Bobby song)
Si Dansei
Give the ball to Taki and he will fly.

--- End quote ---

Fixed that for you, Yorky

Did you say 'Arabian'?


--- Quote from: Caligula? on November  5, 2021, 03:51:20 pm ---Looks like we'll have to play Origi, Minamino and Jota for some games   :o

--- End quote ---

Will we? The AFCON starts Jan 14th and Firmino is out for 6 weeks according to the Times

This isn’t really a post just for this thread, but as Bobby’s the latest in a long line, it’s notable that injuries, whilst they’ve always been with us and part of the game, appear to me to be even more prevalent these last couple of seasons.

We train and play with high intensity, and rely on a smaller pool of players than say, City and Chelsea. That’s essentially Klopp’s way and choice. But the increase of International breaks due to the plethora of demands now made on players (Nation’s League ffs) is surely a contributing factor, and as Courtois has been brave enough to say, getting ridiculous.


--- Quote from: rushyman on November  5, 2021, 02:33:15 pm ---My hope is they’re trying to pull a fast one on Brazil 😂

--- End quote ---
My first thought as well! ;D
It's just the way Jurgen delivered the updates of all the injuries. It sounded ahem.... "suspect". Like- "We'll try to see after the International break, but not before- I CANNOT PROMISE THAT!" ;D
And a few other "suspicious" nuances, such as the repeated mention of the International break and the general lack of no dates- even suspected ones, which we normally do.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it(I'm prone to this), but here ya go:

--- Quote ---“Bobby is not good news with a serious hamstring injury, really unfortunate,” Klopp told

“We don’t know exactly how long he will be out but it will be not now after the international break directly [that sounds like he's tripping over words]. We have to work on that.”

The Liverpool boss added in his pre-match press conference: “Losing Bobby Firmino is a blow. We have known for two days it was serious. We are talking weeks, still. More than four [again- seems to make it up as he goes]. I’d consider that a serious injury. Then we have to see. Bobby is a quick healer.”

Defender Joe Gomez and midfielder Curtis Jones also missed the Atletico victory and will not be available for Sunday’s trip to West Ham.

“Curtis is a completely different story; he was very unlucky in training – he got a finger that scratched the eye,” [eh!?] added Klopp.

“I had a lot of injuries to players in my career, that was not involved. He is on the way back but we have to see how long exactly. [that's random]

“He will be back after the international break, for sure, but in the international break we have to see [going back and forth] when he can start doing proper stuff again.

“And Joey, hopefully after the international break as well.” [again - AFTER the international break]

Klopp also provided an update on James Milner and Naby Keita: “For them, I hope for after the international break, but I don’t know exactly. I cannot promise that but that’s what we’re working on.” [L0L! ]
--- End quote ---

Like I said maybe I've got "itching ears" and want to read more into it than what is there, so judge for yeself.


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