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Being aware of "Rawk's favourite painting" thread - posters

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--- Quote from: harmar on September 27, 2005, 01:53:33 am ---Dude, I am genuinely appreciative  :wave, I'm just uncomfortable with paying £40-50 for a poster, I'd rather spend it on a load of bird's and let them fly freely.  ;)

--- End quote ---

Heh, thats a lot for some birds.

Now if you had £200-300 for some chicks we'd be in business!

I ain't got that sort of cash for bird's, dijimi15  ;) beside's, I ain't ever needed it  ;D

I must apoligise Hijimi15, it would appear that I got your name wrong, Sorry 'bout that  :-[


I like this one.

you could buy a print of this from me

the photo messes with the shadding, sorry.

if you decide this isnt the peice for you, haha, checkout rene margritte, he did a painting of a painting of a beach i think you might like... if your into that whole foucault jazz thing...?



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