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I'm looking for a couple of poster's to decorate my living room, something that you don't get tired looking at but feel that paying, perhap's wrongly  :-\  42 is a tad much for a poster !

Do any Rawk'ers have any suggestion's for good sites ( I've already checked out ) ?


The Fletcher Memorial:
No sites my friend, but I have many a suggestion:


--- Quote from: The Fletcher Memorial on September 27, 2005, 12:58:30 am ---No sites my friend, but I have many a suggestion:

--- End quote ---

Many Thanks Matey, I appreciate many artist's myself ( whilst not being an expert !! ), Monet, Bosch, Rembrandt and Munch being up there, I'm not looking to buy a masterpiece but I'm starting to sense, after looking around, that 40-50 may be the only way I'm going to have something I appreciate on my walls !

Go here:

1,000's to choose from. I have used them and highly recommend them  :wave

Dude, I am genuinely appreciative  :wave, I'm just uncomfortable with paying 40-50 for a poster, I'd rather spend it on a load of bird's and let them fly freely.  ;)


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