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Great Three Chord wonder songs

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Terry de Niro:
Here's another thread for The RAWK Musos or general music lovers. There are some great so called 3 chord wonder songs, list your Favourite/s

Example,  Caroline- Status Quo or Oh Boy- Buddy Holly......

Anything with just A, D & G

Personal faves I like to strum with those are are "Sit Down", "Friday I'm in Love" & just about any Irish song but let's say "the Leaving of Liverpool"

M(oaning) B(ecomes) E(mbarrassing):
Yes but why don't you leave this to the music lovers, then Tez?  Your musical taste is extremely pedestrian and old-fashioned.  No offence like. 

Anything at all by The Police

That one by the quo that goes...

..Dnun dnun dnun dnun dnun dnun dnundnun.


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