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Treatment of Season Tickets holders with temporary access Problems

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--- Quote from: Kenny's Jacket on December  3, 2021, 03:02:15 pm ---the Ticket office are a fucking disgrace

lazy as fuck

--- End quote ---

Twas ever thus....

Itís a tough one, the letter is terrible. My dad has had 2 knee replacements so hasnít even got the aisle option. Iíve been with him in the hospitality in the main stand  but thatís a once a season in the league cup trip because of the cost.

The KD legroom is terrible so I appreciate your dilemma. I just wanted to give you a bit of hope in that Iíve read - and it went like this for my dad - it takes over 2 years for the replacement knee  to fully heal and ďget back to normalĒ
Good luck and hope you get back to the match soon


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