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--- Quote ---I very rarely watch Sat night show as I think its crap. I cant see Premier League giving contract to them again.
--- End quote ---

Same as. I turned it off last night an started to watch a video of The Big Yin. If i wanted to watch Man Yoo EVERY week i'd subscribe to their tv station.

The worst thing is that ITV totally disregard other teams if the big 3 are playing. I think their theory must be "all the teams will get exposure at some point, we'll just show them when they play L'pool, Arse and Utd"

Roger, the PL would gladly give them another contract if Granada/Carlton etc paid the same amount as last time! The problem is they wont. I think they've realised they paid far to much in the first place.


i'm pretty sure when lfc beat mu at anfield, which kicked off at 12.30/12, there were extended highlights in the evening (as an example).

itv have fucked up what should have been a simple audience-winner: copy MOTD exactly, but with different guests & commentators. instead they messed with a proven format. muppets.

Goals on Sunday on Sky Sports 1 is far better.  :) You get good amount of action from all the games. And it is such a low-budget show you just wanna scream laffin!

But whilst on the subject of Sky, their live coverage of Liverpool is attrocious. Gray and Tiler wont here a good word said about us, and cant go more than 5 mins without saying something like "ManU wouldnt do that" or something along those lines.

Tiler just goes "oh and Heskey makes it 1-0" and "good left foot from Riise, 2-0" when we score, but when Boro score what is nothing but a consolation goal he nearly has a heart attack with "SOOOOUTGAAAAAAATEEEE".  :wanker:

davro I am surprised Tiler didn't raise his voice when he said Riise (judging by what you are saying as I was at the match and was (thankfully) spared the sky commentators) as he normally does.

I think we're all just feeling nostalgic for Alan Hansen.

Sky have never allowed any more than three minutes of highlights (on either BBC or ITV) for Premier League games that they have already shown live.

It happened to us with the game at Anfield v Newcastle a couple of weeks ago, too - live on Sky, and only three minutes on ITV.

The only exception is on the last day of the season, or if ITV pay Sky extra for sub-rights to extended highlights.  

I don't like Sky, but when they're shelling-out over 300m a season for exclusive live coverage, you see their point.

On the other hand, Sky can't show highlights of games until ITV have shown them.  


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