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Date for 2nd Leg?

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Apparently the 2nd leg is the 9th (tuesday night) with the 1st leg being on the 3rd (wednesday night)  will double check to make sure.

Uefa's site is stating that we will be playing the home leg on Wednesday 3 April. Nothing yet about away leg. Blackburn game is scheduled for Sunday 7 April (as Grand National is on the Saturday). Will we have to play on Tuesday 9 April? Will the Blackburn game be brought forward to Saturday morning kick-off to give us more time to prepare?

Old Scallwag, sorry mate, didn't make that too clear. I was refering to a TV clash. Couldn't see ITV wanting the two English teams play on the same night.

Here are the officail dates guys, Wed 3rd for the first leg at Anfield and Tuesday 9th for the return leg at Leverkusen. Don't knoe what will happen now with the Blackburn game on the 9th!

official confirmation


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