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For London RAWKites (and intrepid ones living elsewhere) this could be interesting. David Peace talking to Mark Lawson on 19th August.

John C:
Did I hear rightly that Neil Atkinson from TAW is meeting him in Liverpool Thursday 14/8?

Off to see him at the Edinburgh International Book Festival this evening, with our very own royhendo.


--- Quote from: MichaelA on August 13, 2013, 12:33:41 pm ---It's the Book At Bedtime on Radio Four this week. :wave

--- End quote ---

If anyone missed this, PM me. ;)

Finally took this down off the book shelf last week and settled in with it. I'm a slow reader, only 200 pages so far, but it's completely sucked me in. Pure poetry as others have said.

I won't review it until I've finished it, but one of the many things that struck me early on is how easily your perception of a clubs' standing can change, especially Liverpool's! He transports you so well back to those early years that you suddenly see Liverpool Football Club for what they were back then and it all makes sense. The true size of the challenge Shanks faced. You wonder how we'll ever beat the likes of Wolverhampton Wanderers, Preston North End, Sheffield Utd, Ipswich Town and the dreaded Leicester City......let alone how on earth we could hope to win at Leeds, Arsenal, Manchester United, ....Everton! Then suddenly we're hammering the likes of Inter Milan. I mean, i know the history as well as the next person, but I've never been transported back in time so well. Blows your mind to wonder how incredible it must have been. To be there from the start. If i could have one wish..... :)


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