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--- Quote from: Al 666 on March 21, 2023, 12:19:34 pm ---Whilst there is obviously a difference in style between Nunez and Bobby. It is not as if Klopp has always played with a false 9. I would say Aubameyang was an out-and-out striker who relied on his pace and movement at Dortmund. That is a role Nunez could grow into here.

Likewise Klopp hasn't always played a flat three in midfield. At Dortmund Kagawa played in behind the striker and used his pace to pick up the ball and break the lines. Again that is a role I could see Gakpo growing into here.

Klopp tweaked his system to accommodate Mane, Bobby and Mo. It still had the fundamentals of a Klopp side and fitted within the template. We need to stop thinking in terms of the players individual attributes and look at what Klopp requires from his forward line. Think of the attack as a collective and not as individuals.   

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The common theme is pressing and ability to defend from the front. I still believe we are limited there based on Klopp’s comments and needs much more work.


--- Quote from: killer-heels on March 21, 2023, 12:55:18 pm ---The common theme is pressing and ability to defend from the front. I still believe we are limited there based on Klopp’s comments and needs much more work.

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Yep neither nunez or salah are the greatest of pressers. I would say jota and Diaz are our best pressers in the front line but for us to be functioning at full capacity, we need the player playing in the middle to be a pressing monster and nunez sadly isn’t that. We either adapt our play style by not pressing as much or a change of formation where we can get someone up top with nunez to help with the press. Nunez on the left works great when we’re playing teams who are coming at us but when teams are sitting deep, he’s a bit useless with no space to run in behind which makes you question why we signed him in the first place, if he’s going to be getting played on the left.

El Lobo:
Or he learns to press better because you know...he's 23


--- Quote from: El Lobo on March 21, 2023, 02:19:56 pm ---Or he learns to press better because you know...he's 23

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You're having a laugh. Players aren't allowed to improve aspects of their game as they settle down at a club and take on board some coaching.

Dave McCoy:

--- Quote from: Knight on March 21, 2023, 08:57:41 am ---Either the template is changing or we’re deeply confused about what the template is or whether the template should change. There’s no way you buy Nunez to play wide left and there’s no way you buy Nunez thinking he’s going to be a similar sort of player as Firmino. And as soon as you move away from the false 9 thing your template has changed significantly.

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So what you’re really saying is the recruitment might be bad? Maybe this is why Ward is leaving? Supposedly the choice was between Nkunku and Nunez which if true would be really odd as they are completely different players.

--- Quote from: El Lobo on March 21, 2023, 09:36:06 am ---I dont think its a coincidence that we're almost overloading the attack, with very different players to those we've relied on previously. As unlucky as we were not to score....last season we had three finals and didn't score in any of them. The annoyance is that other parts of the side have gone to shit, but this is the right way I think. Starting a game with Salah, Firmino and Mane with Jota and Origi is good depth but there's not a huge amount of variety. Starting a game with Salah, Gakpo and Diaz and being able to bring on Nunez and Jota is massive. Likewise then being able to switch Nunez in for a game against a weaker, more bus parking side is huge. But...clearly isn't going to look particularly fruitful until the rest of the side is functioning a lot better than it has.

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We have the same amount of attackers as any other season so this really doesn’t jive. Minamino, Shaqiri, Origi, Ings, Brewster, etc etc. Not a lot of sameness there. Just that we’re spending a lot more on at least one or two that will mainly be backups. Klopp has never evenly distributed attacking minutes.


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