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--- Quote from: LiamG on October  2, 2022, 09:35:47 pm ---Everyone should watch that great video analysis as well, it's showing how having Trent as an inverted full back is causing us huge problems as well as other structural things letting us down

Pep and Klopp have a difficult decision to make, do they go back to basics or do they continue with the new system they are trying to implement(The same one as peps at NEC which didn't work) and hope that it will come good?

--- End quote ---

Is this the same system we used last year? Where are the stories about that?

A lot comes back to pre-season and how we prepared for this season. On the evidence, it was a total failure - we've suffered way too many muscle injuries and the rest don't seem to have the match-fitness and sharpness to cope with games. We used to have the problem of tiring in the 2nd half of games as we'd expended too much energy. Now we don't even start with any energy.

One alarming aspect is that we are not just getting done on transitions, Brighton played through us even with plenty of cover, we just didn't position ourselves right and react.

I do believe that Pep and Jurgen have to fit the tactics and strategy around the players we have available in their present condition. Asking them to do things we know they cannot currently do will keep giving us the same results.

A very well reasoned thread from Mo Chatra:

Not a great read. But maybe it's obvious anyway.


--- Quote from: newterp on October  2, 2022, 09:51:41 pm ---A very well reasoned thread from Mo Chatra:

Not a great read. But maybe it's obvious anyway.

--- End quote ---

Hope lots read this because I’d be interested to see the counter arguments, because plenty are pretty derisory about the ‘our net spend is very low’ arguments.

El Lobo:
‘You don’t believe me? Well look what this wrestling reporter has said on Twitter!’


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