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Good post and we’re certainly getting closer. I agree that perhaps Klopp doesn’t see gk as a major issue, all I would say is that he’s still deciding who his true number 1 is. Karius starting to get odd games in the league would suggest that he’s staking a claim. He’s generally done well.

I really enjoyed that Pop. Thank you for writing such an informative, and also reassuring article. I  concur with your conclusion that the number 6 is the position we need to focus on and that the loss of Phil will be survivable however this is more based upon my thoughts from watching games rather than the excellently put hard data that you have spent the time so clearly conveying. 

I recall losing big players before, starting from Kevin Keegan and feeling the huge sense of loss that this can bring, but we always survive, and this time I actually think that we will improve for a change particularly with one of the top managers in the game at our helm. Klopp knows what he is doing  as Pop's article confirms to me.

We have just beaten the bitters (again  ;D), have signed the awesome Virgil and have money to invest in the squad.What a great time to be a fan!

Keita at 6, Chamberlain at 8, wingery thing on wing?

(Nice read PoP. Thank you)

dirks digglers:
Very good and timely post. :) Was thinking this week that although any team would want Phil’s Skills (TM) in the mix, the sale actually provides an opportunity to get closer to where we need to be, to improve the overall squad and play even better football. And even more effective football. It certainly feels like we’re getting close now and it’s darned exciting.

Interesting points re the keeper too. Quite often Klopp makes reference to being perfectly happy with Migs and we have a tendency to think he’s just protecting his players. He is, clearly, but his sincerity seems to often go unnoticed or there’s a presumption that he is somehow masking his true feelings. But the beauty of Klopp is, in my opinion, that he seems a simple and genuinely likeable, warm character who really does see it and tell it straight up. And he really would, all things being equal, rather work with what he’s got. Personally I do think upgrading Migs is a crucial step (the Xhaka goal was the end of a long line of not quite good enough moments for me), but it feels more key to upgrade the 6, as many on here have understandably been obsessing about for a while. It’s a pleasing feeling to actually be able to narrow down one or two areas that are key. Not so long ago it felt like we needed a new plan/upgrades all over the pitch.

Ultimately though, the joy of it all, as always,  should be supporting the club and the manager. Watching the likes of Mourinho steadily dragging his club through the dirt, poor old Arsène watching his squad steadily crumble and Conte seemingly infuriated by most aspects of his situation and buzzing around like a demented wasp, we are clearly blessed and have to enjoy these moments. So it’s thanks Phil, it was a joy to watch you, but onwards and upwards for the club. Good times await (fingers crossed).

Really interesting thanks and shows that number 6 is key. One question for me in the team make up is where you seenLallana. It always seems him and Bobby are the most mobile and consistent press players and he seems important whenever he plays. Where would you add him and his role as trigger for the press!


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