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--- Quote from: Zeb on January  7, 2018, 08:32:55 am ---Keita at 6, Chamberlain at 8, wingery thing on wing?

(Nice read PoP. Thank you)

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Would be limiting keita hugely.

Great post POP. If I had to suggest Klopp's ideal no.6 I think it'd have the following characteristics:
- Elite athleticism and recovery pace for the position
- Elite endurance
- A minimum 180cm, ideally more like 188cm.

There's obviously also a requirement of them to be able to play football and he surely values the ability to distribute the ball as we've seen guys like Sahin operate at a high level in his teams even if not as a pure no.6. But it seems to me that for the most part he's had a guy like Bender or Henderson who's key attributes are their athleticism and endurance. With regards to GK, I think he's less rigid about what he has, he just wants them to be good. I think he settled with Weiderfeller and I think he's currently settling with Mignolet rather than them being his ideal type. I suspect with how his teams operate that his ideal type would be a sweeper more like Karius, that makes sense to me in theory, but I don't think it's enough importance to him, that he would take a lesser keeper. Mignolet at the moment has been our better keeper, I reckon Klopp will look to replace him, he already has tried with Karius, it just didn't work.

With regards to the team itself. I think Lallana is a key piece it's just that he hasn't been fit the last four months. I see him as a key player to trigger the press and float forward as an advance support point. We haven't really seen that this season because of injuries but I suspect we'll continue with a 4-3-3 without replacing Coutinho and playing Keita/Oxlade as a midfield runner with Can/Henderson as a no.6 and Lallana as the most advanced midfielder that occasionally drifts wide with Salah cutting inside.

tis the season to be jillc falafalalala la la la eh laaa:
Excellent opening post and a really exciting thread too. I actually think the point you have made about the goal keeper is an interesting point. I think I am right in saying that in one of Klopp league winning seasons, Dortmund conceded less goals then any other German team in history. Was Weidenfeller in goal then, or did he go on and buy another keeper later? I also think the no 6 is going to be key to how he will ultimately set up next season.

What does excite me about this season whether we buy players this month or not, there is a huge opportunity for certain players to put themselves into the limelight. I think for someone like Oxlade-Chamberlain this is a really key moment for him to step up. When someone leaves invariably someone else steps in and it will be fascinating to see who that will be.



--- Quote from: BobPaisley3 on January  7, 2018, 08:42:34 am ---Would be limiting keita hugely.

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Against some teams, perhaps? Not those where Van Dijk is going to be sat on the half way line looking for a diagonal though.


--- Quote from: Gerrvindh on January  7, 2018, 07:58:53 am ---Great post, PoP! I agree with you that we are close. Klopp has made some adjustments to his Dortmund model to suit the Premier League but, as you said, his underlying philosophy has remained steadfast.

I personally believe we're one which on the turn, mobile, vertical passing #6 away from challenging. Will be an interesting summer transfer window.

A question for you. I remember watching Dortmund play a lot of 1-2s out wide in behind the full back, followed by the low cross into the box for the runners to tap in. We don't seem to do a lot of it though. Is that a league adjustment from Klopp or is it because we're still not there yet?

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I think we did a lot of that last year with Mane but playing inverted wingers and a lot of park the bus teams has killed that a little this season. It seems like we now have Coutinho/Salah drift inside and pepper the goal which for the most part has been really effective.


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