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Good sides?

Thatís where he does his damage, with space to run into.


--- Quote from: Gerry Attrick on June  2, 2023, 08:37:56 pm ---Well heíll probably play against post office managers for a dozen games, so he needs to be doing some damage. He wonít play enough against good sides though.

--- End quote ---
He can score vs everybody. He been great at getting in the positions to score but not finish.
It his pressing and passing that are biggest other things that need work. He finish better he done this before


--- Quote from: RedSince86 on June  2, 2023, 06:57:31 pm ---Somehow got him for £14 million.

--- End quote ---
His all round game is also much better then Haaland. I wonder how many goals he would have scored if he was a starter for City instead of Haaland.


I don't understand the stats above , our issue is not pressing but winning challenges. Too many times this season where we had two or three players vs one player yet he managed to get past our players easily or simply created a chance by making a good pass. Keeping the ball too been an issue for us and had to rely on long passes.

Carra on Trent's role:


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